The Ballad of Skyriter

The Smith-Corona Skyriter is one of the best typewriters that I own if you are somebody who writes a lot of poems and thank you cards. It is small, portable, fits under the seat of an airline, and has a really nice touch. A Smith-Corona Skyriter comes with a handy metal case that can be used to protect and carry the typewriter.

Recently, I bought an early 1950s Skyriter off of eBay. The only problem was the fact that the carrying case, the part of this machine that makes it so convenient, was missing. Thankfully, even after being stored for what seemed like years in an area where lots of dust was present, there are no big problems with the machine. The typebars are all straight, and there are no missing keys. However, the space bar wouldn’t press unless you hit it much harder than all of the other keys, and the shift key often got stuck in the down position.

I took the machine to the local repair man in Traverse City Michigan over at Landmark Books, and he was able to identify the problems with the Skyriter. My ideas for the Skryiter were not completely fulfilled since the carrying case was still missing. If any of my readers are able to locate a case, I would be very grateful.

The ballad continues!


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