Is It a Waffle Iron?

On Christmas day in the year 2017, I received my first typewriter. It is a Smith-Corona Corsair Deluxe in a light baby blue. My mom had gotten it as a bit of a later gift from one of the local antique stores. On Christmas, I usually go from the smallest box and work my way up to the biggest one. So this year was the same way. When I got to the second to last gift, my parents told me to make sure not to drop it since it was quite heavy, and in a pretty good sized squarish box.

On opening the box, all I saw was the top of the typewriter case, and not knowing about portable models previous to this experience, I said exactly what came to mind:

“Is it a waffle iron?”

Now, if you haven’t seen a Corsair Deluxe in its case, I strongly recommend you look a picture up. Also, being somebody who enjoys both making an consuming waffles, I wouldn’t be surprised if my parents had gotten me an oversized waffle iron that they ordered straight from the 1960s.

My parents told me it wasn’t a waffle iron and encouraged me to open the case. When I set it down on the couch and attempted to press the buttons and lift the lid, however I had some troubles. Eventually when the cover came off, I was stunned. I had no idea what could’ve been in this aqua colored plastic case, but when I saw the little machine I was in such disbelief and awe. The first words that came out of my mouth then were:

“holy crap, it’s a Smith-Corona.”

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