The Typewriter Revolution

A lot of Free Poetry TC is based off of the Typewriter Revolution. This is a movement that is about the integration of manual typewriters into our modern society as a way to eliminate distractions, go back to physical letters and pieces of writing, and to slow down our modern, digital lives. If you ever see anybody writing free poetry, they will most likely be using some kind of manual typewriter. I, Rowan, currently have five typewriters, and I am increasingly becoming more interested in both the history and the future of typewriters. An important aspect of typewriters is the physical piece of poetry or writing that you can actually hold in your hand and read over and over again. It will not be lost to a cluttered inbox and it isn’t as easy to “delete”.

The Free Poetry Movement and the Typewriter Revolution really go hand in hand. They are both ways for us to slow down and appreciate the little joys of life, that we might have missed otherwise. If you ever see one of us in a coffee shop, or on a street corner with a “Free Poetry” or “Free Poems” sign, feel free to come over and ask us for a poem. We are happy to write one for you whether you give us a prompt or not, and we hope that you will keep your poems and come back for more sometime.

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